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  Warehouse Management Not only do we have a first-class storage equipment, also has a wealth of experience in warehouse management and professional management staff, through scientific methods of work, a strict system of first-class warehouse management system, providing customers with economic security, accurate, timely and warehousing services to a greater extent of guarantee customers the security of cargo and to maximize the customer cost savings. And storage management, security, operating mechanized and network information technology to achieve through a series of methods and input. Based on customer needs, we can provide various services, advanced warehouse management information systems, warehousing implementation of various aspects of the whole process of resource planning, customer management, reporting and statistical analysis of a number of management, and warehouse processes and management network information.

bonded and non bonded warehouse management services
MS warehouse management of the break
the RDC supplier inventory management system as well as the warehouse to adjust
secure channels to ensure the effectiveness of the goods, information, capital flow management
domestic and international courier services
expedited cargo delivery services (2 hours / 4 hours / sent on the same day)
a day
logistics solutions, consulting services

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