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Overseas Development

Ministry of Overseas Development

Ministry of Overseas Development is the richest professional experience by Realhong, most patient, most efficient team composition, and to take the sub-route service, contact with our overseas agents and domestic customers. We have seven trade routes to the development of Realhong overseas agent network, long-term integrity, quality, high efficiency, high-quality service, we have established a strategic partnership with a number of countries around the world more than 160 agents, and through their cooperation to further develop the domestic and foreign customers. Ministry of Overseas Development organizational structure of scientific arrangement, each agent in each branch has a dedicated Ministry of Overseas Development colleagues to contact colleagues in the back of each contact with the agent responsible for domestic affairs colleagues in their common co-operation, to complete the daily affairs of the consultation arrangements and follow-up to the entire cargo.

Trade routes:
Middle East & Red Sea
India and Pakistan & Africa
Europe & Russia
Eastern Mediterranean
Western Mediterranean
Southeast Asia, Australia & New Zealand
North America, South America & Latin America

All of our overseas members of the Development Department is responsible for cooperation and agreements with overseas agents to discuss business development.

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